1. Traveling SD Card Project


    (I had this wonderful idea for a project thing! I love love love sending mixed cds, but it gets pretty expensive and they don’t have much longevity. They are special for sure, but they don’t reach very many people. So before I ramble I’ll just share the idea and see if others want to join.)

    It’ll be the Traveling SD Card Project! The dealio is everyone is welcome to participate - you just have to like snail mail and music! I will compile a list of all the people who want to join.  When it gets to you you can listen to the music of the other people who added to it, then you add 10-50ish songs of your own and an intro letter/postcard (maybe with drawings and stuff?) about yourself. Once you are finished you send it on to the next person and it just goes on and on.

    I have three SD cards I can send out ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB. I was thinking that they could constantly be in rotation so that people would always have a chance to talk to new people and find new music! If you are interested/have ideas to offer message me (or reblog/like this) and I’ll be in touch  

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    For all of you who like mail and music, you should really check it out! It sounds really cool and I already signed up...
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